Achimed Achilles Support

by medi

Features and Benefits:

  • Now with new medi Comfort-Knit fabric
  • Integrated silicone pads massage and support the achilles tendon
  • Elastic, breathable fabric wicks moisture and eliminates odor
  • Specially knitted Comfort Zone over the instep prevents constriction and pressure areas
  • Slip-on donning aid helps glide the support over the foot


  • Acute and chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon
  • Post-traumatic and post-op inflammation
  • Achillodynia
  • Achillobursitis

The Achimed is an anatomically tailored Achilles tendon support with integrated silicone support cushions. The Clima Comfort fabric is highly elastic, breathable and moisture-wicking and includes a special Comfort Zone knitted into the instep portion to prevent constriction and pressure areas. The Clima Fresh treatment helps ensure odor-free performance. Included are two silicone heel wedges to provide tension relief when required.

The compressive fabric and silicone inserts have a massaging effect which promotes circulation and therefore assists with swelling.
Clima Comfort releases moisture and regulates skin temperature control.
Clima Fresh technology inhibits bacteria growth and unpleasant smelling odors.

How does it work?
Mode of action Achimed causes a massaging effect, which supports perfusion, by interacting with compressive knitted fabric and the two integrated silicon inlays. This effect furthers the decline in swellings and bruises. Irritation and pain are relieved. Simultaneously, the muscular control and the inherent stabilization of the ankle joint improve. Supports cause the greatest effect during physical exercise.

Donning/fitting instructions
Wrap over the upper part of the support to the outside edge of the silicon inlay. Take hold off the support in the middle of the silicone inlays and pull it over the foot until the heel part fits tightly. Turn back the upper part of the support and correct the fit if necessary. It fits properly if the seam runs over the middle of the heel and the Achilles tendon is noticeably embedded in the groove in the inlay.

Always wear both supports simultaneously in your shoes to ensure the same leg length. Once the acute symptoms subside, the supports should be used alternately (e.g., every 2 hours) as you see fit and not worn continously to acclimate the tendon to normal loads. Please take care that trained staff instruct you when putting on the support for the first time.

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