medi Ortho LSO Lower Lumbar Back Supports

by medi


  • Dual-pulley cord system
  • Semi-rigid posterior panel for comfort
  • Easy sizes adjustments
  • Two sizes for different body shapes
 L-Codes by style:
  • 627 (L0627 / L0642)
  • 631 (L0631/L0648)
  • 637 (L0637/L0650


    • Non-specific pain of the lumbar spine. Irritation of the sacroiliac joint
    • Excessive stress on the border between the lumbar spine and the pelvis
    • Weak or imbalanced musculature in the trunk (back or stomach)


    The Lumbar 627 LSO Back Brace has been carefully designed to comfortably fit the needs of patients suffering from lower back pain. The dual pulley cord system provides two important advantages:

    • It creates a mechanical advantage through the pulleys to make adjusting the compression easy.
    • The dual cord setup allows the user to further customize the fit. This will improve compliance and ensure better outcomes for patients.

    The semi-rigid posterior panel flexes to improve the interface with patients’ lordosis adding comfort for extended use. Size adjustments are quick and easy thanks to the hook and loop interface between the pulley cord frame and the side panels.


    1. Place back panel, with medi logo facing up, over the lower back, the wrap panels should sit just above the hip bones.
    2. Pull left wrap panel around to the front followed by the right and to attach using the hook and loop closure. If a sizing adjustment is necessary, repeat size to fit instructions and adjust as necessary.
    3. Once the wrap panels are fastened, detach the O-ring cinch straps and pull them forward to tighten the pully cord frame as desired and re-attach the O-ring cinch straps to the wrap panels.



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