Men's Griptech Short Socks

by CEP
  • SMARTGRIP cells on the footbed lock your feet in your shoes for better control while constantly changing directions in sports like baskteball, football, tennis, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, trail running, etc.
  • Elevated agility thanks to dynamic compression that increases circulaiton and reduces swelling in the foot and ankle
  • Griptech Socks fit like a second skin thanks to German engineering, and anatomical design based on ankle circumference and shoe size
  • Power and control with any change of direction

    CEP Griptech Socks feature SMARTGRIP cells on the foot bed that maximize control in the shoe. A unique, high-tech blend of moisture wicking fibers forms to the foot like a second skin. This ensures a perfect shoe fit and technical benefit, while additional padding provides shock absorption. Combine these qualities with CEP's dynamic compression technology, and the result is the perfect sock for athletes looking for perfect shoe fit, increased ankle stability, and maximum control.

    Material: 85% Polyamide (Nylon), 15% Elastane

  • Measure your ankle circumference at the narrowest point.

    Size Ankle Circumference Shoe Size
    Men's Women's
    2 7-8.25 / 18-21 cm - 4.5-6.5
    3 8-9.25 / 20-23.5 8-10 6.5-8.5
    4 9-10.25 / 22.5-26 10-12 8.5-11
    5 10-11.25 / 25-28.5 12+ -
  • How to wash CEP Griptech Short Socks

    • Machine wash in cold water
    • Machine dry with low heat
    • No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents

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