No Show Socks 3.0, Women

Run farther, train harder, travel smarter, and recover quicker. CEP 3.0 is the future of biohacking performance gear. CEP No Show 3.0 is the perfect complement to your workout shoe. Exceed your physical limits with comfortable compression that you can feel. Zero slipping and greater feel give athletes the edge. Perfect for running, cycling, traveling, training, sports, and more.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE YARN equips CEP 3.0 with a softer feel for optimal comfort
  • CLIMA-MANAGEMENT SYSTEM maximizes breathability, cooling the skin up to 3.6F, keeping feet dry
  • Targeted compression profile for light feet and zero swelling
  • Skin-tight feel allows for greater feel in shoe with no slipping
  • Supportive cushioning absorbs shock and prevents hot spots and blistering

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