Progressive+ Compression Sleeves Women

CEP COMPRESSION CALF SLEEVES: The perfect shin sleeves for women. Our graduated compression profile is clinically proven to improve performance and reduce ankle and calf swelling. Soft pastel colors are fun and stress relieving, too! SUPPORT SLEEVES: Reduce swelling and calf soreness with the best calf sleeves. Lightweight and breathable fabric keeps your skin dry and comfortable. Perfect for marathon training, crossfit, cycling, and preventing shin splint pain. GRADUATED COMPRESSION: 20-30 mmHg compression yarns wrap around the calf 300+ times, containing the calf. Our precise compression improves blood circulation to the calf and ankle muscles increasing muscular endurance and reducing fatigue COMFORT & QUALITY: Halo top-band lands comfortably below the knee, keeping sleeves in place, mile after mile. Maintain full range of motion and eliminate irritation as the front ribbing reduces skin temperature in warm and humid climates.
  • Graduated compression from ankle to calf
  • Refreshing compression keeps legs energized
  • Top band comfortably hugs the calf
  • Prevents calf cramping and delays fatigue

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