Socks For Recovery, Women

CEP SOCKS FOR RECOVERY: Improve circulation, recover faster, and refresh sore legs with the best recovery sock for the high-performance athlete. CEP's medically tuned graduated compression is perfect for recovering from marathons, cycling, and runs. SUPPORT SOCKS: Padded cushioning on the heel and achilles provides all day comfort. Perfect for long travel days or the workplace. Anatomical compression profile is optimal for muscle preparation and recovery, trusted by our professional athletes. GRADUATED COMPRESSION: 20-30 mmHg graduated compression. Medical grade technology is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation by up to 40%, fueling muscles with rich oxygenated blood. Perfect for injury recovery and pain from swelling. COMFORT & QUALITY: High-tech synthetic fibers provide moisture wicking properties and reduce odor causing bacteria. Lightweight and breathable design keeps skin dry and comfortable. CEP is the best sock for medical and athletic recovery, period.
  • Targeted 20-30 mmHg compression profile
  • SMART INFRARED and compression technology optimally improves blood circulation
  • Superior comfort thanks to soft, flexible fabric
  • Train, recover, repeat

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